Meet the Ladies

Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t “try” to do things. You simply must do things.
— Ray Bradbury
From left to right:  Cori Anne Laemmel, Megan Murphy Chambers, Erin Parker, Laura Matula, Melodie Madden Adams

What happened was...

MAS is a five woman group of Nashville-based music and theatrical professionals who work together to build up and highlight the talent and enthusiasm in each other and to serve their community through creating new performance opportunities and developing new projects. The name MAS carries a double meaning to its quintet of members: It is an acronym for Mutual Admiration Society (they were fans of one another before they were friends), and “más” is the Spanish translation of “more”. The ladies of MAS believe that there’s always room for MORE. More talent, more variety, more opportunity, more support, more inspiration and (hopefully) reaching more audiences.

Want to know MAS?!?  (see what we did there?): 

Born as the brainchild of Erin Parker, MAS came into being waaaaaaaaaay back in 2011. While MAS may have been Erin’s baby, the fact that it was birthed at all (let alone grew into an adorable, if occasionally vulgar, three year old) is due to the combined efforts of its incredibly gifted and hard-working co-parents Laura Matula, Megan Murphy Chambers, Cori Anne Laemmel and Melodie Madden Adams.

MAS is the product of a desire to utilize and showcase local Nashville talent and work with some brilliant friends.  “In commercial theatre, you hold your breath and sometimes get lucky by getting cast alongside people you respect.  With MAS, we created something that allows several of us who admire each other to make our own opportunities, call the shots, and make fun and quality things happen - on our own terms,” says Parker.

While they all collaborate on every aspect of MAS, each member has her leading role.  Laura music directs and creates the fantastically unique musical arrangements, Megan writes and crafts the hilarious scripts, Melodie is the fabulous style and choreography maven, Cori provides priceless musical input and rehearsal space, and Erin deftly manages the whole she-bang. The chemistry between these five ladies is undeniable, and MAS wouldn’t be the same without each of these essential pieces.